Dear Parents,

Thank you for visiting our website as you consider a private school for homeschooling your child. Many parents are opting for the guidance, counseling, accredited transcripts and diplomas, and expert help given by the dedicated staff at TOPS as they decide to educate at home. For more than 30 years, I have worked with parents as a teacher, administrator, and home school mentor. All the TOPS staff are enriched by seeing the light of learning in a child’s eyes, are amazed at the depth of responsibility parents feel about providing a quality education for their child, and are rewarded by knowing all the efforts given into a child’s education will continue – not just through one lifetime, but into generations beyond.

When you enroll and partner with The Oaks Private School, our staff will work with you to provide your children with the best academic education, and encourage your child’s individual abilities, talents, interests, and learning styles in the comfortable environment of your family home.

We  welcome you to The Oaks Private School…take the time to look around our site and call me directly if you have questions about how we can serve you.

Marilyn M. Bennett, President

TOPS students are TOPS