Middle School Online and Traditional Programs (Grades 6-8)

The Oaks Private School’s middle school programs, whether online or print, empower your student to pursue their full potential and personal interests. TOPS middle school programs allow your child to work at their own pace while fostering independent learning skills. Flexible and engaging lessons put your child on the launchpad towards a successful high school experience.

TOPS Online (Ignitia) is a Christian-based, fully online educational program for grades 6-8. With this academically rigorous program, parents can be the teacher or choose certified teachers to tutor their student. This high school program can be customized to meet each student’s needs with a personalized plan of study to prepare them for college or career. Our IGNITIA  online curriculum is also recognized as a Certified Autism Resource by the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES).  Click here for courses offered.

TOPS Online (Accelerate) is a secular, fully online curriculum for grades 3-12 for parents who prefer lessons without religious presentation. With this program, parents can be the teacher or choose certified teachers to tutor as needed. Accelerate offers rich, engaging standards-based courses for students in grades 3-12.  Students are engaged in a variety of activities and assessment including, labs, journals, written assignments, discussions, and written exams.  Students can delve into a variety of interests through Accelerate’ s CTE, elective, and world language course offerings.  Accelerate has a strong focus on literacy for the earlier grades.  Reading aloud, building vocabulary, independent reading experience, writing skills, and speaking and listening practice are the tools Accelerate uses to build strong learners.  While content is delivered through an online platform, hands-on opportunities are also a part of the courses in the early grades which require activities to be printed.  Some courses require additional materials that are usually found around your home.

TOPS Traditional (Homeschool) Program provides students with the ability to learn anywhere, anytime, and at a pace that suits their existing skills, knowledge, and aptitudes. This parent-led middle school program uses colorful workbooks to engage your child and make learning fun. Click here for courses offered.

6-8th Online (Accelerate)
Starts at $1629/yearly
~ 0 Teachers ($1629)
~ 1 Teacher ($2104)
~ 2 Teachers ($2579)
~ 3 Teachers ($3054)
~ 4 Teachers ($3529)
Fully Online Curriculum
Up to 5 Online Subjects
System-Graded Lessons
Academic Guidance
Record Keeping
Annual Assessment
Diagnostic Test - as necessary
Full Technical Support
Accredited Transcript
Option 1: Pay in full*
Option 2: Installment Plan (Add $100) 50% down + 10 equal monthly payments
*Pricing dependent upon number of teachers
6-8th Traditional (Parent as Teacher)
Full Year Print Curriculum
Up to 5 Workbook Subjects*
Daily Instruction Manual
Academic Guidance
Record Keeping
Annual Assessment
Diagnostic Test - as necessary
Option 1: Pay in full*
Option 2: Installment Plan (Add $100) 50% down + 10 equal monthly payments
*Electives available for additional charge.

*Customization options are available.

An Accredited Private School for Families Who Choose Distance Learning

The Oaks Private School is an accredited private school. We are a Florida registered school for the support of K-12 Distance Learning. We are dedicated to providing your family with administrative and academic oversight.  We feel that it is important for you to be free to pursue your child’s education in that wholesome and loving environment where learning is a natural part of everyday life – your home.

We offer the choice of parent-led courses or the option of choosing highly-qualified teachers for all of our middle school classes. The only thing required for access to our online programs is a computer (PC or MAC) and Internet access.

Some students may choose a more traditional homeschool approach to studying.  Printed materials in the form of workbooks with a teacher’s guide for the parents is available.  These engaging books are designed to be self-paced, to develop independent learning skills, and to maintain the rigor necessary for earning a standard high school diploma.

Here is how our online program works:
  • When you enroll your son or daughter, they get 4 core classes plus a choice of 1 elective.
  • They can study any time of day to complete all weekly assignments.
  • If a student fails a test, has a question or needs help, they send an e-mail to their teacher.  The teacher will respond within 24-48 hours, usually sooner than later.
  • Enrolled students are usually considered private-school students, not homeschool students, although this depends on the laws of your state.
  • Upon course completion, students receive an accredited transcript listing the courses they have taken with TOPS.  Each year that students complete a grade with TOPS, they receive an accredited transcript stating that they have completed the grade and are ready for promotion to the next year.
  • You will receive periodic updates (at least 4 times a year) on your students progress.  You will be notified immediately if there is a problem with your student that needs to be addressed (not working, lack of attendance).
  • From the date of enrollment, middle school students have 1 full year to complete their courses.  We set the course end dates in cooperation with the parents. Most students choose to finish by the beginning of the summer, but students have the option of working through the summer.
  • Upon completion of the enrollment process, your student will have access to their courses within 3 days.

Advantages of TOPS online and traditional homeschooling middle school:

  • Access to the best middle school online or traditional curriculum available.
  • Ability to start and end the school year when it is convenient.
  • Ability to work anytime, anywhere, at your own pace.
  • Teaching help, grading, and record keeping are taken care of.
  • More time to spend time with your child on what’s really important.
  • Education that is customized to the needs of your child.
  • Freedom to learn at home – away from peer pressure and bullying.
  • Accredited report card or transcript upon class or grade completion.
  • Less costly than traditional private schools and even many other other online schools.
  • Accreditation by Cognia, formerly AdvancED, a respected leader in school accreditation and 4 other nationally recognized accrediting agencies.
  • Best preparation for online high school.
  • Advanced 8th-grade students can take Algebra, Foreign Language and a half year of Geography for High School Credit.
  • Students learn to work independently, follow schedules and be responsible.
  • Students do better the more time they spend in our program.

To find out more about our accredited online middle school, please call our Guidance Counselors at 386-938-1352.