I hope this school year has been great thus far for you. We recently enrolled [student] in a local Christian Academy as he wanted to try school and get the "in-person" experience. Unfortunately, it is not giving us any type of peace. We as a family don't feel this is the best decision for 'student'. With Covid cases rising again as well as we continue to get emails daily of how many active covid cases etc. in his school, I just want him back home. Now that he has had that "in-person" experience he now misses virtual school with me.  You have been nothing but professional and caring for the last 2 years with both [student] and [sibling] who is now a graduate from The Oaks.:)  My question to you is, will you accept [student] back and allow us to enroll him in the 5th grade?,
(My child) loves the books. And her reading has improved tremendously. So I’m very pleased with the education you guys provide.,
<blockquote>"I´ve learned many things that, if I had not done this kind of education, I would not have known. This way of learning has given me a lot of opportunities to do things that I like and to make easier and more funny the ones that I don´t like so much. It has also been a good exercise of discipline, dedication and willpower to study on my own. I´ve really enjoyed all of the activities that I´ve done and all my teachers were (and are) very nice." - Yulia</blockquote>,
<blockquote>"Thanks for everything you've done and your support for my sister and I and our family. We love the Oaks and will always recommend you guys to people looking to homeschool." - Kavon</blockquote>,
<blockquote>"I had the privilege of homeschooling my daughter as a Senior this year. Thanks to this school, we achieved many academic and spiritual goals. I'm so thankful to have found this school." - Elizabeth</blockquote>,
<blockquote>"I was updating account information with Tatum's school today, The Oaks Private School, and it brought me to tears just how invested they always are in Tatum, and in working with us to position her into the specific learning opportunities that serve her God given abilities and her unique gifting. I am so thankful that we listened when led, so thankful for God's provision." - Drenda</blockquote>,

The Oaks Private School is an accredited private school. We are a Florida registered school for the support of K-12 Distance Learning. We are dedicated to providing your family with administrative and academic oversight.  We feel that it is important for you to be free to pursue your child’s education in that wholesome and loving environment where learning is a natural part of everyday life – your home.

We are here to help you as you begin or continue your child’s home-based distance education. It is our mission to assist you in every way possible in your adventure of schooling at home.

In choosing a home-based Distance Learning education, an important consideration is whether to enroll your child in a Distance Learning private school. Many parents appreciate the great support and comfort of having experienced, dedicated help. The Oaks Private School helps identify appropriate teaching methods and high quality curriculum, along with materials and resources. We keep detailed, permanent records; and issue a REAL college-acceptable diploma from a REAL school – not a “homeschool diploma”.

The Oaks Private School provides a complete service of guiding your child’s education, administrative accountability and academic management assistance to families throughout the U.S. and several countries.

Your preference for structure, assistance, accountability and access to advisory staff who have both Christian Distance Learning and Christian classroom experience makes TOPS your perfect choice. You can be confident knowing you have a team of experienced educators who are skilled in teaching and academic management. We are here to help you stay on track and give advice and counsel throughout your child’s educational journey.

The Oaks Private School offers a variety of curricula that can be customized based on your child’s grade level and academic progress.