Dear Parents and Student(s),

Here are your instructions for preparing your computer for the MAP Test..


BEFORE THE TEST DATE, please follow these instructions for downloading the appropriate lockdown browser for your computer. When you have completed the lockdown browser installation we strongly suggest you put a shortcut to the lockdown browser on your desktop.

Step 1: Set your computer screen Resolution to 1024 x 768

Step 2: Click on the link below to download the “Lockdown Browser for PC”.

Map Testing: Lockdown Browser PC

Step 3: If the browser does not open automatically, go to the “Downloads” folder on your computer and click on Setup Lockdown Browser.exe”.

Note: You may see the following message – you can ignore this as this is a safe operation – simply click OK

Note: You will see a “LOADING” box that will disappear when loading is complete.

Step 4: Next, the Lockdown Browser – InstallShield Wizard box will appear as below… Click the NEXT button.

Note: Either the install will begin immediately OR if you see the following box simply select the REPAIR button and then click the NEXT button.

Step 5: If the box above appears, then the box below will follow. Simply click the INSTALL button and the Lockdown Browser will be installed on your computer at C:\Program Files\NWEA\Lockdown Browser\ OR you may change the location where the Lockdown Browser will be put by clicking on the CHANGE button and entering a destination location on your computer.

Note: You will see a “LOADING” box that will disappear when the loading is complete.

Step 6: Next, the Lockdown Browser – InstallShield Wizard Completed box will appear as below… simply select the “Launch Lockdown Browser” and click on the “Finish” button.

Step 7: Next, the NWEA Logo Page will appear followed by the MAP “Join Session” page. You may now go through a TEST Warm-up.

Reminder: Testing will begin 9:00 AM on TEST DAY. At that time, you will enter the TEST SESSION NAME and PASSWORD provided to you in the email the morning of the testing. From this point simply follow the testing instructions and the Proctor will be available by telephone (1-386-938-1352) should you need assistance.